play with birds

Flying above the town, you turn effortlessly to glide between two gently swaying trees... Out of the corner of your eye, you spy some good twigs below. You swoop gracefully down to pluck them from the ground, then flap your wings energetically to gain height. You circle back to where you are building your nest. Just a few more twigs and you’ll be ready to find a mate. Listening, you hear the sound of other birds nearby. Perhaps one of them is the father of your future chicks. You take to the wing once more, lost in the world of flight.


- The Only Game That Lets You Become a Bird – a game tailor-made for the untapped market of 70 million bird watchers in the US, and 60 million in Europe.
- Easy to Learn – pick up and play with intuitive and satisfying Wii controls, expressly designed to overcome the casual player’s usual difficulty with 3D flight controls.
- Clear Goals, Freeform Play – the player receives very clear instructions as to what they can do to progress – build a nest, find a mate etc. but is free to play the game however they want.
- Birds Minigames – collection of 12 different bird minigames including Smack-a-Worm, Birds Pac-man, Catch Balloons, Build Nest, and others.