Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party

Specially designed for the Kinect for Xbox 360

  • Full-motion, total-body, big-game hunting adventure
  • Hectic, heart-racing game play
  • Includes TOP SHOT Sport for the Kinect for Xbox 360

Challenge family and friends to a full-motion, total-body, big-game hunting adventure. Specially designed for the Kinect™ for Xbox 360, you will experience hectic, heart-racing game play as you race around the world to bag the biggest trophies. Shooting galleries span the globe, taking you to adventurous environments near and far. Unlock levels and upgrade gear in single-player mode. Challenge friends in survival mode, and see who can hunt the longest. Face off with friends in hot-seat multiplayer mode for head-to-head, high-score challenges. Bundled with the first-of-its-kind TOP SHOT Sport. Precise sensors track the TOP SHOT Sport and your body movements, allowing you to jump, dodge, aim and fire your way to the next level. Avoid obstacles, grab power-ups, harvest trophies and earn your bragging rights. Rated T for Teen.

Available: Kinect for Xbox 360.